Seedstars Academy teaches you the skills to become a tech entrepreneur and impact people's lives in emerging markets







    Where you'll learn the fundamentals of company building and get paid for it along the way. 

    We believe that the best way to learn how to be an entrepreneur is by applying what you learn and learn what you've applied on your project. In this case, building a real company.




    You will be working on multiple MVPs and pilots by leveraging our shared services of Seedstars with the support of mentors and the Seedstars core team.




    In parallel, with our facilitators, mentors and network, you'll learn the theoretical concepts will cement your understanding of what it takes to build world-class tech companies.


    What's next? 


    Based on your performance, Seedstars will provide you with an offer to join the Seedstars Family and continue your entrepreneurship dream or you're free to pave your own path and work on your ideas.


    Get a complete understanding of an Internet startup by building one!

    Entrepreneurship Skills

    Traction + Code + Business

    Understanding concepts of online marketing with the technical perspective, growth hacking, data science strategies.


    Understand agile development techniques and being able to communicate with developers.


    Learn to prototype, manage projects, test assumptions, formulate problems and find unmet needs and all the knowledge required in an entrepreneurial ecosystem

    Entrepreneur Skills

    A Better You!​

    Develop the necessary skills to lead the daily life of a startup. 


    From team building, entrepreneurial etiquette, grit and hustle, Leadership, Presentation skills, Storytelling, Balance and Financial Literacy.


    Run through an extremely selective recruitment process!


    What do you get in return?


    Free world-class education with access to world-class learning resources and facilitators.
    6-month paid salary

    Life-changing experience


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    Cairo, Egypt

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    Lagos, Nigeria

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    Abidjan, Ivory Coast


    Programs are taking place in various cities around the world. 

    Working environment

    You'll be working at Seedspace side by side in a startup environment in one of the top office spaces in town.

    International presence

    We are a truly international company with a global reach in emerging markets thanks to Seedstars World, our startup competition and network.

    Have fun!

    Work. Network. Repeat!

    But don't worry you will also have plenty of time to enjoy your new startups life with cool activities!


    They made the first batch ;)

    Daniel Isa - Seedstars Academy Lagos

    Its been a great learning experience being at the Seedstars Academy. What I have learnt in just the first week alone is enough to qualify me for an MBA (and that’s a fact!).

    Meeting fellow entrepreneurs and learning from them has had a lasting impact on me. There is nothing more uplifting than knowing that hard work and perseverance always pays in the end.

    The Seedstars Academy Team are one of the most awesome and talented set of people on the planet. The in-depth knowledge and background of each and every one of them is simply amazing. What even more amazing is the level of humility that each of them posses especially considering their individual accomplishments in the global scene.

    Etimbuk Bassey - Seedstars Academy Lagos

    "Building startups in emerging markets requires proven methodology, exceptional skills and a deep understanding of business models. This is what we are learning by doing at Seedstars Academy, Lagos.The mentorship is unparalleled, facilitators always willing to help.The coolest part is that you get to meet almost on a daily basis digital change makers in Nigeria, founders and chief executives of startups, who come to share their startup experiences with us. It a place to be if creating impact through entrepreneurship is your calling."


    All applicants will be carefully reviewed and interviewed.

    The fundamental principle of the Academy is to gather only the highest quality of aspiring entrepreneurs.
    We want to build great things with you.

  • FAQs

    Can I bring or work on my own startup/idea?

    No, you will work on an MVP/concept from a list we provide with proven market potential. This way you’d get all the experience with little downside, you will however be free to build your idea after 6 months and we’re confident that you’d have a better and stronger approach to entrepreneurship then.

    Can I work on my other project(s) on the side?

    No. This program is rigorous and requires 100% commitment from your end for six months. 

    Will I be paid to do this?

    Yes. You will be paid a salary throughout your journey with us. The amount differs per academy. See details when applying.

    What is the selection procedure like? 

    Apply through the link and a member of the hiring committee will contact you if they determine your education, skills, and experience are a strong fit for the position and forward you the link to finish the aptitude test.
    Selected candidates will go through a sales challenge from which the top candidates will attend a two day Selection Bootcamp where they will learn new skills and complete a project. The top candidates from the Selection Bootcamp will form the Seedstars Academy cohort.

    Rest assured, every candidate who will go through the Selection Bootcamp will learn prototyping concepts and meet great people, but also learn a skill that he/she could leverage and monetize.


    Seedstars Academy is an initiative launched by Seedstars, the company builder, supported by our Seedstars World network & our co-working space Seedspace

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